This week is so so so so so so SLOW!…….. Grrrr all the other weeks flew by but this week is like slowly floating by. I woke up this morning and felt like it was Saturday. Maybe time is slowing down.. but that’d only be relative apparently. Eek they can’t slow down that would be like so annoying. Maybe I’ll wake up tomorrow and my brain would’ve caught up with time, or something along that line. I’ve just written those two questions I had to write…. and their freaking hard…. and I only just remembered that I had to provide answers! Hmm maybe a marking scheme will suffice??? Haha:

Critically analyse the social and ethical issues and recommend measures Global Airlines can implement to prevent further possible security breaches.

What was I thinking?!? Now I’ll have to write like a 1 page essay or something… damn… oh well I always seem to give myself more than I need too.. but if I gave less it’d feel like I wasn’t trying and was achieving nothing of much benefit… so I guess it might be good or something.. stressful.