Sky is blue grass is green this is the most perfect day……. Hmm the weather is pretty cool outside….. I can’t wait till our little trip. It’s going to be mad fun. Hmm so I might get a little uneasy with so many people, but it’ll be fun to like go to the beach every day and do whatever I feel like doing. But I’ll come back with not much $$$ probably. Hmm my mum said today if I do reasonably well I get to have my room done over. Well I’m getting a loft bed anyway so that I can put a study table under it and anpther bookshelf….. and I’m gonna get rid of the dresser cos I don’t use it….. and get a long mirror on the back of my cupboard door. I saw this mad office table at Freedom today….. it was like metal and glass…. very sweet and expensive. Hmm well good to dream about I s’pose.