Another post for today. I’m actually pretty tired now. I felt like falling asleep through most of Maths just before. Today I got egged…. well the egg missed me.. but the rebound landed on me complete with mud bits! Also today, we had our school assembly… it was sort of weird… cos like quite a number of people got all emotional. Then people who aren’t usually emotional almost got emotional by looking at all the emotional people. But I don’t think I felt emotional… I don’t know what I felt. This year has brought mixed feelings and reactions. At times I was down in a *real* low, and at others I was normal (whatever that means). You work lots of things out as you get older. Well we’ll never know everything because no one is perfect, but as you experience more things, things start making sense, as the pieces fall together to form the overall picture. Sometimes these pictures are just too much to handle and they leave you lost, confused and down in the dumps. But….. on another note….
Revue in 2 days… I’m wondering now why we’re in it…. because it more or less means we have to stay in the hall all day Thursday and Friday which I don’t think I could handle for two days in a row. I need to do some stuff…… grr…
I need to e-x-e-r-c-i-se….. maybe after the 14th of November I’ll go on a nice long bike ride….. haha… yeah right! I doubt I’d make it up Charles St first time. Anyway my right knee has gone all dodgy these last few days…
I think I’m going to go eat some cheese, or tea or hot chocolate now. I need something so I can fall asleep nicely and easily….

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