I love old DOS games, now known as abandonware. There’s a sense of nostalgia as you hit hit the exe and the game loads up in its oh so great 256 colours. Who could forget Hugo’s House of Horrors, Hugo 2 Whodunnit? and Hugo 3, Jungle of Doom. Then of course theres the six Commander Keen games, Tetris and the list goes on. But Hugo rules. Hmm that’s probably because he was my very first exposure to a computer. Monochrome DOS box and the only command I knew was DIR…. btw don’t underestimate the game… I actually needed a walkthrough to pass all three of them.

Apart from that I’ve been writing notes for most of the day. I spend the morning summarising the rest of communcatiosn for IPT, the whole afternoon on Change for english, and now I’ve just summaise a bit more for SDD. Anyways I should get going, I should be studying!