Had a class at school today. Got my English essays back. They were ok… just okay. I think I have a rough idea where I’ve got to do some work. In the areas I always knew I was shocking at 🙂
I’m tired. I think I’ve been waking up just a tad to early. Well 6-ish isn’t that early, but it takes its toll after a few days….hehe
Well times getting closer and closer and everything is almost over. Just the minor problem of the exams coming up. But the time eventually had to come. In a way I feel relieved…. and the other…. uneasy…. sort of a bit like fate hey? Where does the road take us next. Damn this is starting to sound like a Ros & Guil essay. What is the meaning and purpose in life? LOL that whole existentialistic view. That’s the biggest word I’ve learnt this year I think. Existentialistic. But I actually like that word, cos the whole philisophical view is so true. Of course, I take the darker pessimistic outlook. Well seriously…. what is the meaning and purpose in life? Is our life all planned from the start, do we really have any control? Just some interesting thoughts and questions. Which of course have no answer. Which brings me along to post modernism. If there is no right or wrong, then why is there still ‘incorrect views’? Hehe……

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