Have you ever imagined being an ant? What would it be like to be that small? What is it like when a human foot comes stomping down into your path? Sounds like a dangerous life IMO.
At the mo, for some strange reason I like one of the OC Supertones songs…. but this one is a pretty religious one I must say. Yeah the Supertones are a religious kind of ska band, but their music is actually pretty good. More the stuff I’m into I think. Sorta upbeat good stuff. I should go to sleep now… but I need a cold drink first. I didn’t sleep much last night. I went to bed late-ish… and couldn’t sleep and woke up before 6 as I thought it was 7 something. Cordial……. orange cordial at 11.35pm! with ice…lots of ice….. ahh refreshing…….. damn i been doing too much Maths papers…

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