What do you do when people want to go on holidays, but you don’t really want to go? Like as in you’d go if you have to, but you would really prefer to not. I don’t really want to go away after Christmas. After the exams and Noosa and all, I don’t think I want to go away again. Yeah it sounds weird, but it’s sort of how I feel. Anyway it would be weird…. seeing we haven’t done anything in years. A week in close proximity… I dunno….. maybe it will be good… but….. who knows…
Anyways I’m gonna get a drink then go to bed and read the IPT book. Gonna get some help with Maths again tomorrow…. only a few simple questions this time… except for maybe that Catholic question. Ooh.. and I need to go on a photocopy spree….. gotta get another photocopy card…… much more simpler than like scanning 20 pages!

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