English in about 2 hours and 20 minutes. I am not looking forward to it. Well I guess no one looks forward to exams. But on the contrary, once it’s finished, it’s finished which means I can forget it… till the results come out =)

I played some piano last might… I felt like doing it. It’s weird whenever I need to relax a bit when I have exams, I go and play the piano… I’m trying to play Army by Ben Folds Five. I can get the first bits… but their just chords so they weren’t that bad. I should go now and revise my quotes. We’ll soon be home and high – dry and home – I’ll hie you – dry an – high and home. Over my step over my dead body!, It’s the abscene of presence, nothing more, It’s just a man failing to reappear, I burst into the moon, sun and stars of who I really am. Being Fish Lamb. Perfectly. Always. Everyplace Me. We’ve have all these little fish. We go after the little guys, ruin them but we don’t bag the big fish, We divide these guys, but we multiply the fridge repairmen!