I had my IPT exam yesterday. It was okay, but I think I didn’t ‘analyse’ in depth enough for the 6 mark questions. The paper was really weird in certain aspects, like it was fiarly simple and straight to the point, but some sections were a bit vague. Especially those 6 mark ones where we had to descibe and analyse the processes in relation to the system. I knew what points were applicable under those processes, but I didn’t list half of them because I did not feel they were applicable to the scenario.

But that poses the question…. was the scenario just there, and we were meant to churn out what was listed in the syllabus regardless, or were we only meant to write what was applicable to the scenario? And the ’emphasis’ on a particular process. For multimedia I had mega probs there. Well the system only had text and images so it obviously ruled out speakers. Which only left me with monitor and displaying requirements such as a web browser, video card and sufficent RAM. Who knows… it’s over now… I should be thinking about my other subjects. 3 down, 4 more to go.

I can play more of Brick now, I really like that song, but its hard to get some of the notes because they’re a whole octave apart! Makes it hard when your hands aren’t exactly that long…. streching your fingers to reach keys 8 notes apart sure hurts the muscles after a while. But still, I find it relaxing… Army is good too, but that songs practically all chords and I have great trouble reaching them… maybe after the HSC.. I don’t wanna give myself RSI right at this moment yet.. HeHeHe.. =)