One more down, two left to go. Been a few days since writing here last… well only four but still. Since last Friday I’ve had Maths and today Info Tech. Maths was pretty okay, I think I answered most okay. I made one really dumb mistake in question two and one in nine. Actually nine as a big mistake. I got the answer then looked at it, and went thats not possible, put a cross through it, then wrote ‘No idea’ and boxed it… grr. I integrated it right and all, and all I had to do was subtract! Actually the reason I thought it was wrong was because the question asked how far behind the car was from the jet (I think), and my car distance was greater than my jet, so I was like ‘how is that possible?!?’ Next time… just keep on working no matter what!

As for ITV today…. hmm I think the multiple answer question I changed I shouldn’t have. I changed it from the formatting and layout one, to the user defined formatting. Reason why, is that I always believed that style guides were in regards to formatting only, whereas it was templates that controlled layout and formatting, which may use styles. Other than that the paper was pretty good. I liked it.

Next up is Software Design and Development. Studying for it now actually, but just taking a short reflective break to type up my thoughts and relax my hand from the ‘pen grip’ that after a while starts to make your hand feel like it’s old and cramped.

Few more weeks and I can start my exercise regime. Bike ride in the morning will be cool, the clean morning air and the silence, well the sound of nature. Okay, so thats sounds so not me, but it’s nice in the morning to be outside because everything smells nice and clean and all you can hear is the birds, no traffic nothing. Sort of tranquil and peaceful in a way.

Hmm this weekend I’m taking a break before commencing study for Earth and Environmental. Well I’m going shoe shopping… for new skate/casual shoes… and formal shoes. I look forward to the former and not to the latter. My skatie shoes… are showing a bit of wear and tear…. soon theres going to be a massive hole in the area where your foot naturally bends when you walk. But I love those shoes… their nice and comfy… and I like my non matching shoe laces 🙂