Well I was reading Icon today (we get it Friday ‘cos we get delivery), and there was this article about weblogs, otherwise known as blogs (what this thing is really). Yeah it’s sorta cool how you can just write whatever you think, and not have to worry ‘cos you never meet the people who read it… (well in my head thats so) but like the article says, anything written in a blog could be used against you say in a court case. Guess I’ll have to watch what I say. Nah.. I wouldn’t slag anyone in a Blog anyway, it’s just wrong/unethical/slack. Defamation via website is a pretty low thing anyway, because your like telling the whole world. Keep things to yourselves or reality in that aspect, don’t publish and be damned! (Oops that last bit isn’t my own words. Credit to the Good Weekend article in some August edition of the same name. This is what English does to you.. LOL)
Well I said this weekend I wouldn’t go out at all. So much for that, I’m going to the movies this Sunday. So much for studying the whole day this whole week, more like half a day each day. Still it’s better than nothing. And I have got pretty far through the book. Just finish the next chapter by Monday morning, then writing summaries of the points I’m not too confident about. Even though I’m like 99.99999% repeater sure that EES won’t count for me, you never know what fate/luck holds, so I’m going to try my best. I think I could’ve done better at EES if I tried more. Actually if I didn’t do computing I’d probably would’ve done all science subjects. If I could combine both togther (and were slightly more intelligent) I think I’d have heaps of fun with sci and comp. I reckon it’d be cool to do stuff related to nanotechnology and biometrics. Well the whole concept of both is pretty amazing IMHO. Gotta run and read/sleep usual so called study regime…. When this is over… sleep, go out, sleep, go out… nah we’ll see what the future holds…

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