Overview of yesterday… Caught up with some CCSS-ers and Java-ers, went and saw a movie, watched this crazy street performer who was heaps funny in a weird kind of way, played some pool, bummed in Darling Harbour sitting in the middle of the water thingo on those bricks for like 30 minutes.. tourists though we were crazy sitting in the middle of the water thing. Went and had McFlurry’s even though we originally said to go for a drink as in like Gloria Jeans/Starbucks… then parted ways back home.
Today spent a good part of the day writing brief summaries on points in the EES syllabus. I’m actually pretty satisfied with the progress I’ve made today, so I took a break about an hour ago, and have been working on my Photo Site since. The Photo Site is just a website with pics and stuff. Some of the photos are ones I’ve taken myself, but a significant other have been taken by friends and other people, so huge thanks to ppls whose photos I’ve used…. they know who they are =).
Anyways better get running (or is that clicking?) Laters…

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