Hmm taking a semi lunch break now. Finished summarising Environments Through Time and am now about a quarter way through Caring For The Country.

Well today soon after I hopped onto my computer, which was reasonably late for a change, I got an email from UTS saying that I’ve passed the first stage of the selection process and I’m now invited to the interview stage. So, that’s pretty ace, because I’ve had this specific course in mind for let’s say, a very long time. Hehe, now I have to go shopping for clothes for this and the other interview =)

Well I think I’m going to go get a drink of cordial now, and settle into this chair for an afternoon of further summarising Earth and Environmental Science… Ph, passing thought, next thing I need to save money up for after schoolies, is a new hard drive. The current one works fine, but I don’t like the idea of linux on a partion on this HDD and would much rather prefer it have it’s own drive, so going to have to save my $ for a few months.