It’s 6.13am and I can’t sleep. Woke up just a bit after 5.30am. Got some stuff on my mind, just been thinking about it. Sometimes people think that their life is really in the shits just because they can’t go to some lame party, but people should spare a thought for people who’s lives are really stuffed. Spare a thought for people who’ve been recently affected by all the disasters going on, amongst other stuff. I guess we’re all susceptible to such thinking every now and then, but sometimes and only sometimes does it really bug me how some people act when they get a ‘no’ or a ‘you have to be back/we’ll pick you up at 3am thing’. Now excuse me if I’m wrong 3am in the morning for a school night is pretty lenient if you ask me. Even if you keep distant relationships from your parents, or don’t agree on things very often, it is WRONG to curse and swear about them infront of 6 mates and another person’s mum, just remember how you came to be where you are in existance. If you actually give people some respect you *do* get respect back. hings take effort on both parties. No names here (don’t believe on that), but maybe one day people will grow/wake up and realise that there are bigger problems affecting the world, than one night’s outing. Maybe I’m just a pessimist in a way or overly cynical, but as much as you agree to disagree with your parents, watch what you say, one day you may find yourself in shit, and the only people who will definatley come to your rescue (if needed) will be your parents. And unless you decided to adopt a new family at this stage in life (which is highly unlikely at this stage) live with what you’ve got and learn to pay just a *little* bit of respect from time to time. I guess it’s all in life’s experiences, and we are supposed to learn from them. So maybe one day in the not to distant future, we’ll all reflect back and we’ll grow wiser as a person. Maybe, just maybe…

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