Well I’m back after a 22 hour travelling trip home. Actually considering we we’re bumming at the bus stops from 10:15am-ish on Thursday, I’ve been sitting for more than one day! One bus trip of about 2 hours and 45 minutes (after seeing no traffic lights for a week, the onslaught of traffic lights somehow coincided with traffic jams). Then about an hours break at the Transit Centre in Brisbane. Next followed a 2 hour bus ride out of Queensland into the NSW town of Murwillabah (spelling?!?) to meet the 9:50pm XPT train to Sydney. Had about an hours break between this bus and the train as after the train arrived they firstly had to clean it. Then came the 14 hour train trip back to Sydney! The train had way more leg room than the buses, which on first sight seemed relieving. But that soon came to realisation that it was going to be hard to sleep, as I’d found it easy to sleep on the bus because the space was nice and small. So the night drifted pass very slowly, with waking up every 30 minutes to an hour to re-arrange myself on the seat. People who had no other person in the other seat were lucky. They could pull up the armrest and sleep normally lengthways. Actually they did have people in the other seat, they were juts lucky the people got of real early like at Grafton at 3am in the morning (or some strange time like that).
So how was Noosa? It was okay/good, but I’m quite glad to be home (my stress rash started appearing again for some strange reason). I need traffic lights and chaos in my life. And also because round when we left (left Sydney for Noosa that is), things were just starting to work out and everything which I’d dropped for a year was all moving back into their previous places which was real good. So later tonight I need to make a few calls… I think I’m gonna be out of mobile credit though. I don’t make my mobile calls on the home phone because they cost more than locals, and I don’t think my parents should have to pay for them… eh but thats just me… some would say thats weird, but most parents have financial problems from home loans to bills to fees, so where possible I try pay most of my stuff… except sometimes I become occasiaonlly broke. Suprisingly enough though, I managed to survive my holiday and still have money in my bank account, so that is pretty good. Quite relieved indeed, as I haven’t worked for about 6 weeks now. Anyways I gotta go, I still haven’t tidied up my room… actualyl I’m quite suprised my mum didn’t clean it whilst I was gone, but then again I asked if she didn’t and theres lots of stuff I’ve got on my shelves which I want to keep and lots of other stuff which I don’t want to keep. So I guess I better get started…

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