Great all the photos I took in Noosa are f#$%^d! Battery died up there and it just so happened that the motor thingo that winds the film jammed. My brother and dad decided to try fix it…. but couldn’t. Though I reckon I could’ve at least tried… at least I would’ve attempted to open it up in the dark. Actually what I would’ve done is open the film cover up, then put in a new battery, then close the film slot to see if it reset. So shit to all my photos is all I can say. I feel like swearing… but I’ll resist the urge to do so. Hmm this is probably the most semi-annoyed and frustrated blog I’ve ever posted… Well it was the only roll pf photos I took before the battery died! How much do I wish now that we already had our digital camera. Hmm yeah we’re getting a digital camera. A Canon G2.
Grr… I’m in a shitty mood now. Actually I take that back… shitty mood equates to down in the dumps… this is just a ‘Grrrrr… how so annoying’ mood. I better leave now… before I do my keyboard damage. Nah I’d never do such…

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