Hmmm am I glad we came back from Noosa last week. If we came back this week, we would’ve had hell of a lot of toruble getting back by train due to all the bushfires. Yesterday my mum brought back some sunglasses from her work. Normally I take ages to choose a pair of sunnies from her work, but these ones were cool. I think I went a bit overboard, as I told her to get me a pair in every colour. Why I’d want 5 pairs of sunnies which are the same model but in different colours I have no idea. Even weirder, was she said she would if I wanted me too. But then I thought and went… woah… I’m going over the top.. if they retail for over $100, and I get five thats like $500!. But I think I’m gonna get another pair. So I’ll have two. I’m definatley keeping the silver ones. And now I’m deciding between the slate one (which looks purple) or the pink ones. The bronze ones are okay, but I don’t think they’ll match my clothes. I’m not too sure about pink though because well it’s pink. Anyways I feel like downloading an mp3 so off I go.