_on your own today

lost with no direction

they took your dreams away

and stripped you of protection

but there’s a light that won’t burn out

when your heart is screaming out

is screaming_</p>

_it doesn’t matter where you are

there is life behind the walls around you

it doesn’t matter where you start

won’t be long, won’t be long until

the walls around you are gone…_

I’ve been listening to heaps of Pacifier’s (aka Shihad) album recently. I really like Walls for some reason, theres something about it. On another note, Homebake was yesterday, but I didn’t go. This year was a crazy year, and I did not particularly want to spend more money than I already have these last few weeks, and well I forgot about it till Friday night when I was in the city. At least theres quite a few bands touring next year. Foo Fighters sold out (ages ago I think)… I been listening to them quite a bit too. Their playing at BDO with Millencolin and Pacifier… oh and The Living End! But BDO is expensive… well it would dig into my pockets pretty deeply at $93 a ticket. Still Millencolin are doing a show at the UNSW Roundhouse in Jan sometime but those tickets are $40-ish. And so are The Ataris tickets. Damn why can’t The Ataris play at BDO too? And totally topic jumping again (those of you I talk to on the net will know I’m renowned for jumping across three different topics in a spate of a few minutes) I need to learn how to drive… soon. I’ve put it of for long enough now. Plus if my dad gets a new car next year, I get his current one. I may have to pay or may not… will see in the forthcoming weeks.