I am totally dead… worn out actually. I’ve been riding since like 9:40am in the morning. We had like a 2 hour break in the middle… then we got semi lost somewhere between Strathfield South and Croydon Park. But then we ended up at Burwood station and made our way home. Lugging a heavyish bike up train staircases is… hmm difficult. Well the handlebars keep on moving then the front wheel kicks your legs. So where did we go? Well for me.. I left at 9:40am and rode to Rhodes. Then we went over to Homebush Bay (Bicentenial Park), then over to Olympic Park. We rode around Olympic Park for a while then stopped off at Macca’s. Then back to Bicentenial Park where we lounged around on the play equipment. Then we left to see how far we could get on the track to Botany Bay. I the unhealthy fit one, was half dead by now. Then we got semi lost found our direction and got to Burwood. Then I caught a train to Rhodes (I just made the train, raced up the stairs with my bike as the train arrived), then rhode home from Rhodes.

And today I started peeling. Took a while… I actually thought I wasn’t gonna peel, but midway today I wondered what these white things on my legs were, then when i touched them… yeh I started peeling… so I’ve got patchy looking areas now (hmm sorta). Anyway I need to lie down… I can feel my muscles starting to get sore. At least I’ll be able to sleep heaps well tonight.