I so want some Lego. Not normal Lego but Lego Mindstorms. I remember when it came out a while ago, but I was like cool, but it’s gonna be so expensive. Anyways like a week or so ago I was thinking of what to spend all my time on, and I thought to building/programming stuff… and what better than robotics? So yeah… I need to save money for a Lego Mindstorms Robotics Invention System. And their damn expensive at almost $400! Still I was looking at robots people have made and some are cool! Theres like drink mixers, coffee makers, sandwich makers, toliet cleaners, wall cleaners. You wouldn’t use one for such, but just the idea of making such is impressive. Oh and the fact hey actually work. The thing that probably has me interesed is that you can program your robot… I’ve been looking at NQC which stands for Not Quite C… its cool… like all the control structures are there, as well as constants and all. You can input from the touch and light sensors then accordingly execute the relevant command/procedure! So my save my money choices are now drifting between a lappy and Lego. Somehow I think I’m gonna go for the Lego. My desktop computer is okay, just not portable… Lego is cheaper and I guess there are more possibilites arising out of building robots than a laptop. Creativity as well as programming for starters… and I can utilise our old lego.. and we have like 2 big bucket/bin things of them (i think).