Have I been really subdued and too myself recently? I don’t really know that answer. The last couple of days – in particular today – I’ve felt as if I’m locking myself up again. Nowhere like before, but I know so ‘cos of stuff I’m thinking about… and also because of other indicators I’ve come to notice like playing the piano… and stuff I listen too. I’m hoping they go away in the next couple of days… or at least stay the way they are now. I can handle that… I think.

But to change the topic now… yesterday we got our digital camera. A Canon G2. It’s heaps cool. The only thing about it that sucks is that unlike the other PowerShots, and the IXUS, it doesn’t fit into a pocket and isn’t that light… which is shitty in a way as it means you have to lug it around. But then again its SLR like, so I guess thats why theres the extra size and weight, But I like how the LCD turns around… amongst other stuff. I went snap happy last night taking nothing in particular, actually I just took some shots so I could use them in Photoshop… blurry night shots, with swirls of light (those always had me fascinated).