I’m really hypo. Well not so much more, but I was on a high this morning. I did not think I wuld get that high. Sure Lazseeker spat me out a 98.20 according to if I sat last years HSC, but since it was last year’s I didn’t trust it… and also because it seemed that everyone seemed to be getting Band 5’s and Band 6’s. I was thinking more round 93 at most… so you can say I was more than rapt at what I got which is somewhere in the range of 93 to 98. Bu yeh, so my mummy said she’d buy my Lego (but I said I’d pay half)… and I get my daddy’s car…. now I just need to learn how to drive…. dammit.. I’m a bad driver. But yeh I am heaps happy… everything I put in this year has been worth it and it paid off.