Christmas Day and I’m sitting in front of my computer… does that say anything about me?

Well now I’m deciding between Lego and a laptop… I’m really thrown on what to get. Both are educationally inclined in a way. Lego for creativity and programming aspects, a a lappy well because my education/future is going to be based around computers. A lappy would be cool, but I’m wondering how much I’d need to contribute to the ‘laptop fund’… (in my words). I think if/when I get one the budget is around $3, 700 – $3, 800 at max. But you can get heaps good stuff for that money these days anyway. Looking at Compaq’s and Toshiba’s… I like how Toshiba has the SD slot and the three USB 2.0’s. But then again Lego is cool…. blah.. I don’t know. If I got a laptop I’d probably use it more than Lego, ‘cos it takes time to build cool robots and program them and all… I don’t know. Maybe I should get the laptop now… and get the Lego later down the track. But then again, I can keep on building new stuff with Lego and it will never seem the same… or depreceate as much either. On another though, if I get the laptop now, my parents are probably more willing to pay for more now than if I got it later in which case I’d have to pay almost half.