I went shopping today in the city. Well there isn’t exactly much else to do on a public holiday. The dumb thing was that I had a $50 voucher, but i only realised half way there that I’d left in next to my computer. I just bought some clothes… um 2 t-shirts, a jacket/jumper and a pair of jeans. I wasn’t meant to get jeans, but no where seems to sell normal pants… well there are normal pants out there but not the type I’m looking for.

Is it a natural occurance to worry about what other people think about what you write in your blog? Some people don’t care, and others like me sometimes do wonder. But then why do I write here in the first place, if sometimes I do wonder. I don’t know, but its something to do and thoughts and feelings are easier to write down then say out aloud. Maybe people do read this regularly, no-one’s ever told me so, and I don’t think I want anyone to tell me so. I think I’m scared of the truth… I bet they all think I’m weird, this crazy geek sitting in front of a screen, but it comes as no surprise to me. Sometimes I wonder how I landed up a computer geek (I don’t say that too negatively… computer geeks/freaks are cool… we’re one big clan)… I think it stemmed from my younger years, back when I was a little kid.. I guess with two working parents I took to the computer to entertain myself. It was something different, something new, something that challenged me. Am I glad of that? In the majority of aspects, yeah I am, but sometimes don’t you ever wonder how life would have turned out if things were different. Like if we were more of a ‘family’ you know did ‘family’ things when we were little. Sometimes I do wish that we did stuff like that back in those days. I think I’d be a different person.