I’m in a cleaning frenzy. I’d cleaned about a week or so ago, but yesterday I decided to do a proper clean… a Windex every surface type of clean. Now my room is looking cleaner, but I still have quite a bit to do. In the process I’ve cleared out so much stuff I actually had like 4 drawers empty(2 big, 2 small). But I guess that was to happen, as I had Year 9/10 stuff sitting in them, so now I can clear it out. I put all my Year 12 stuff which might be of use into boxes and put them into my cupboard.

I wish I had a bigger room though, cos even with it all nice and clean, I still don’t have a table. I thought about rearranging my room, so I could use the top of a shelf thing as a table, but it won’t worl

cos then my bookcase will be covering powerpoints on the left side of the room. And moving my computer table around is out of the question, as my the modem cable to the outlet isn’t long enough. I don’t know maybe I will work something out. Hmm tomorrow can be clean the computer area. I don’t particualr like cleaning the computer as I have like more than 20 cables lying round the back. I have like 4 network cables, a modem cable, power plugs (modem, router, systems box, monitor, printer, scanner, speakers), 3 x USB cables (for my mouse, printer and tablet), parallel cable (scanner), speaker plugs/cables, 2 powerboards + their respective cables, keyboard cord… um yeah I think you get the idea.