Well I went driving today. I’m still bad but I think I’m alot better than the last time I tried. At least this time I didn’t stall on the first start. Though my dad thinks I’m still shocking and not any better, but that just dad being dad. I still got problems coordinating feet with release clutch press accelerator thing. Eh looks like I’ll have to practice alot more. Other than that today I’ve gone for a walk, gone out for lunch, burnt and packaged CDs, been to the post office and now bumming at home. I’m not doing anything this New Years. Sort of can’t be bothered, as if I did, I’d just go to the city, which is the same I’ve done every other year… and well I’m just can’t be bothered this year. Hmm I must sound boring. Actually we have this dinner to go to tonight, and I didn’t want to go, rather wanted to stay at home, but now I’ve decided to go. Mum was getting shitty at me cos I didn’t want to go. But my grandma will be there (I think), and my aunt who’s going back to America in the next couple of days or so. Just gonna bring stuff to amuse myself with… MD, digital camera and a nice big fat book. I wonder if I can bring my pillows and blanket too? (only kidding).