Went driving again today. Was so much better today. This was ‘cos my dad decided to stick a book under the mat to raise my foot a bit higher, as I was saying yesterday that it felt as if my foot was to short, and when I went to release the clutch it was like ‘floating’ which made it hard to control. So yeh, I’m a tiny bit better today. He actually asked me if I wanted to drive home from Homebush but I didn’t want to, ‘cos I can’t start properly on hills.. I roll back a bit, and some cars have a habit of getting just a little too close. Can’t go driving tomorrow though, ‘cos my dad is going fishing.

Other than that, went and hired some DVDs today… was gonna go movies, but then decided couldn’t be bothered, as it was going to be crowded, and that I could hire alot more DVDs for the cost of a movie ticket. So anyways, yeah hired 3 movies. Just finished watching Black Hawk Down, and will probably watch another later tonight or something.