I finally found and removed the barcode in my shoes that have been giving me HELL!!! In case you’ve missed the story somehow, my new (or now a couple of month old) shoes were giving me great problems, in that if I walked into stores I had a 50% chance of beeping, which of course made it look as if I’d stolen goods (which I’d never do). Anyways I worked this all out in Noosa, after continual beeps, we decided to walk into a store remove the shoes, walk out without the shoes, walk back in, pick up the shoes walk back out and see if I beeped then. Anyways Noosa I beeped heaps. Back in Sydney I beeped occasionally. I was starting to get paranoid (well who wouldn’t if it looked like they were shoplifting when they weren’t?) so I decided to start pulling my shoes apart in an attempt to find the thing making it beep. I started ripping the inner sole out of the shoe, but then after a bit of tugging I stopped, as I was literally ripping it out. It was one of those glued in ones, so non-removal. So I thought ‘if its glued in it obviously can’t be in there’. So back too today (a couple of months later to the previous), I’d beeped twice. On the second occurance I decided what the hell I’m going to take/rip my shoes apart and find the DUMB BARCODE BEEPER PIECE OF ^&*%. So after some pulling and ripping I finally found it… then after some more pulling I got it out… damn it was pretty hard cos it was like firmly glued/stuck. But now I don’t have to worry about getting death stares from people thinking I’ve nicked stuff, ‘cos I DON’T BEEP ANYMORE!!!