It was stinking hot today… infact it still is! Been working this week.. well half of. ‘Tis good.. I’m still learning and catching on, but I’m learning stuff I don’t know so its pretty cool. And of course it’s somewhat info tech related which is pretty mad. Do you reckon I use the word ‘pretty’ to much? It doesn’t sound to girly does it? Ahh when I say ‘pretty’ cool/good etc… it’s a normal persons equivalant of something along the lines like ‘heaps great’, ‘great fun’, ‘really good’. I just speak in disjointed English… well not disjointed, but just a slightly twisted sense. Well I write how I talk, thus I talk how I write. That didn’t make much sense, so I guess you get the idea.

Ahh today if I woke up early, I was going to go for a run, but strangely enough I didn’t wake up early. Why is it everytime I don’t plan to wake up early, I wake up early, and those I do I don’t? It must be that Murphy’s Law or whatever it’s called.

On a more scientific note now… do aliens exist? Well I shouldn’t call them aliens.. but another form of life? Take for example… they say that without running water on Mars life can’t exist (I’m not saying that life definatley exists on mars). But that is based upon what we know as Earth lifeforms such as plants, animals etc. But what’s to say that the so called ‘forms of life’ which may or maynot exists follow in simliar lines to what we think? What’s to say that rather than water as a necessity for survival it isn’t nitrogen or some other thing like that? That’s just some food for thought… well not really food for thought, but more just some questions. I’ve probably seriously rocked myself in there somewhere, but hey there just questions I’m asking myself.. or rather no-one in particular. Anyways I might go have a shower now.. I think its cooler now.. well I won’t know, I’m in my favourite ‘nest’ right now. Which of course is my room in the dark with music and the air conditioning on. Kinda nerdy.. but I’ll turn the lights on soon. Maybe do some reading, or some java-ing who knows.