In response to the last post, I didn’t get the 2 days off only the one. Didn’t really matter though. But it was good to have the one day free to catch up with people. So yeah since then been working. Am madly learning Flash at the moment. Hmm well not madly like madly, madly, but I’m trying to get more than just the basics. Going to have to make quite a few flash things, so I may as well start familarising myself now, before getting in a rut later on. It’s already driven me crazy tonight. Actually flash always does so to me. The tutorials on the web always have a sense of ambiguity to them. I had to laugh when I read this article about using Flash and following tutorials, as everything was quite true… from reading the tutorial many times, then finally finding the panel or button they were talking about, to then still now having it work. Still there are worser things I could be doing right now… such as… hmm cleaning my room. Well cleaning my room is okay… but you know what I mean.