Well it’s been a week since my last entry, or thereabouts anyway. I’ve been pretty much working had a couple of days off to catch up with one of my good buddies, who’s moved to Coffs to go to uni. She left today. It’s kinda surreal even though it doesn’t feel like it, only cos it still hasn’t really clicked that they’ve gone for the better part of a year. Still there will be holidays to catch up I guess.

Next week I won’t be working much, because I’m off to I.T. Camp. Where it is, I haven’t got a clue, so really, it should be called Mystery Camp. Rock up to Haymarket on Monday and find out.

I’m kinda tired these days. I think it’s to do with air conditioning. I’m exposed to too much of it. Probably more so at home than work. I come home, drop my stuff, go to my room, hit the remote, and settle down. I need to get a good nights sleep tonight, as tomorrow I have to drive a bit and probably go Macquarie to do some shopping. More groceries than the ‘girly’ kind of shopping though. If I don’t do it no-one will remember. What’s on the list… hmm… hair conditioner, toliet paper, cordial….. i sound boring.