Ahh well IT camp was okay. Though I think camping in tents would have been better, both for ‘fun’ and also it probably would’ve kept out the cruddy insects and bull ants better. I got my timetable as well. At first I had a pretty crap timetable. Well not that bad, lots of half days, but on Thursday I had only 1 one hour tutorial smack bang in the middle of the day. If I’d kept it like that I’d have to work half days or nick out for two hours in the middle on Thursday. So yeah I asked to move my tutorial and all is now cool. Then since been back worked Thursday and Friday which ’twas cool. I finished of some stuff earlier this morning so now I’m just lounging around, ready have my mid morning nap (LOL!). I might get out my mySQL book and dabble in some php and database stuff after this. In other interesting news got a $ increase which is pretty cool… I probably would’ve happily worked at the previous amount for as long as whenever, as it’s cool. But I’ll need to save. damn uni books…. Outta just two subjects its gonna cost $200+! and theres still another 2 subjects on top. But yeah I think I’m gonna go play with my computer now.