I have not written here in ages. I don’t know what brings me back. Maybe ‘cos I’m sick again for the second time in three weeks, maybe it’s a sign of whats to come.. maybe I’m falling back down to the ground. Uni is pretty okay, apart from the loads of reading it’s more or less what I expected. I like OOP a lot, networking is pretty cool, though I find it confusing at times. Concepts PDC is normal, skills needs more practice, otherwise is okay. ICC… well accounting drives me up the wall, but I’ll survive.

But its weird in a way… I have a couple of friends there, but it’s still like before… I can’t fit in… not in a big group. It feels wrong… out of my comfort zone. Maybe I’m antisocial or maybe I’m a social outcast… I don’t know. Different is one way to put it. It was really weird because one of my friends goes to me around the second week when we were down at Markets that ‘I’m different to everyone else’.. my response ‘I know’. Yeah I have different interests to most people my age, I feel lost and out of place in big groups, I find it hard to communicate to most people, I keep to myself, not many people know me well (and to those who do, I really do appreciate everything, from being a friend, to someone I can hang with, to someone I can talk to… I’ll always remember you all…)

To this date, I don’t know if I’m 100% happy with life. Sometimes I think, yeah its okay, but more often it feels as if I’m just accepting life as it is, whether I’m happy or not. Things are easier to accept than not. That way you don’t have to detail with thoughts, people or anything else.