Long time no blog. Well since last time, I finally got that last OOP line. I put my mind to it and it ‘clicked’, I really had it all along, just probably was procrastinating over having to code it.

Went and saw The Matrix Reloaded last night. ‘Twas good the movie that is. Was kinda weird before ‘cos I didn’t know no one, and yeah usual feelings of lack of control, emotion, wish I could shrink into the corner. But it was good in the end =) Thanks to my buddy who ran up and got the ticket for me (in the rain) – sorry bout your stuffed knee now….

Oh yeah, I also got my accounting assignment back, 25/25 – woot!!! It too me so long to do I don’t know if I actually remember everything. That’s why I got it finished good anywayz, I spent like a month doing it possibly more and redid it 20+ times cos of dumb mistakes as I worked things out. Still pretty happy, but gotta revise for the exam. I’d love to D or HD ICC and PDC. I’ve given up HD-ing OOP, because I have to prioritiese, I have compulsary Networking exam the day its due as well as compulsary assignment due, whereas the OOP HD assignment is not compulsary. And of course I like writing about information systems and databases, serach engines kinda things which people find boring…… anyways back to it..