Am I boring? Do I lead a boring life? Compared to a normal person my age, I guess I would have to say yes. But the thing is, all those ‘normal’ things don’t appeal to me. Well I don’t know if the normal ever has… I’m more of an abnormal sort than the norm. I’d much rather be working, whether just in my own time for fun learning new stuff, or working for $. Yes strange… very strange I hear you say. Maybe a somewhat workaholic? Well I wouldn’t go as far as say that, just motivated and passionate about what Iike/love doing. Yeah *nerdy*… hahaha

Sometimes uni is good, sometimes it is okay. But it sure as hell ain’t the ‘best time of my life’. When was my best time of my life? Guess maybe the future holds that answer, but mid year 10 to mid year 11 were pretty okay I think.

Anyways I gotta go study, I got end semester exams in like 3 weeks… need to revise for Networking and ICC… and finish this assignment.. I’m getting there…. eventually… except damn my net connection is going to be capped in the next few days…….