I have my final online multiple choice exam for Networking 1 next week… there’s still the written exam to go. I think if I pass the online exam I’ve passed CCNA 1? Not 100% though. Today we did the pre test, which is a test we did at the start of the subject to see how much we know. At the start I got 60% but this time I got 97.5% (39/40) which I guess was pretty good. But still, can’t get to sure of myself, even if the tutor said I should do fine next week. You never know what destiny/fate (whatever it is) holds.
But now I’m madly finishing ICC, I really just have finishing sentences to put in here and there and then I’ll be done, but its taking just a tad longer than I hoped. But that’s what usually happens, I leave the last couple of sentences till a few days before, then finish it all up, because I have to stop procrastinating…. but yeah I should get back to it…

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