Wow Blogger has a new look! Looks more snazzy.

Hmm well yeah finished exams now… I passed OOP so thats good. Just have to wait to find out the results on the other two. ICC was okay. Even though it probably is one of my more favoured subjects, I don’t think I did as good in the IRS part (the part I llike), as it was like extended/essay style response kind of thing, which is not something I’m good at. Sure I got good on the assignment which was a report, but I wrote that at my own pace where I could think things out clearly. Eh as long as I pass I will be happy.

Well tonight we’re going out for dinner – shock horror – our family go to a proper restaurent (sp?) together. I can’t remember the last time we ever did that. Tomorrow morning my dad and I have to go to the airport to pick up my uncle. His plane arrives at like 5:15am, so we have to leave here around 5:45am!!! >.