Today is Monday. I have one month left of holidays… I wonder when severe bordem and general feelings of crappiness will start setting in? I’m putting my marks on around mid to end next week.

So what’s up in other stuff? On Sunday my dad and I went to the airport (as per the previous post). It was dark but luckily not as cold as the previous few days. On the way back we stopped of a McDonalds for breakfast. During that same day I had to snoozes one before we went for lunch and one after we got back because I was totally tired.

In the same day I got my laptop. So when we were out during lunch we had to buy a new connector to swap the connector so it fitted in the electrical outlets. Then after my afternoon snooze my dad and I converted the power cable connector. But yeah it’s pretty okay. Typing was weird at first (not as weird as when I first ever used a laptop in my life) but its okay now. Only thing is because it had a touch pad the bottom bit is longer I reckon that if it had the point stick, so it means you can’t really bend your wrists – not that you should anyway.

Today I went to the city for a couple of hours. I had to sow my uncle how to get the bus to the city and stuff, and where to catch it home. Then when I came home I finalsed my hard drive before I ghosted it, then I made a network boot disk and created a backup of the installation CDs. Then just before dinner I started working on some Flash stuff for school (work).

Another interesting thing in my strange notices of the world was when I was sitting at dinner tonight. It was me, my brother, my dad and my uncle. Reminded me again that most of my home life is spend with my brother and dad (assuming their home), as my mum always seems to work late or is not at home. I thought it was just me going nutty when I use to think that, but eh when my dad mentioned months back that he’s like a single parent in a way I really couldn’t have agreed less.