Hmm I’ve been posting more frequently now.. a sign of too much time on my hands?

Anyways so what’s been happening… on the weekend I did some work and set up a wireless network. It was good, until someone interrupted me midway and insisted that the problem was because the router was on and tried to ‘help’ fix my supposed mistakes, of which there were none! (Rather, I believe the BigPond network went down for about 30 mins). Anyways routers can be on whatever address….as long as its the first usable address for the network or subnet. Wouldn’t have mattered if it was or Oh and even better they said the network was working fine but something was wrong…. uh derr…. I’d already worked it out, and I already knew what the problem was… if the network works fine LAN wise. but won’t Ping out of the network (which id did before) it obviously something to do with the Internet connection. Damn funny thing was they pinged 127.0.01 and said ‘the network works fine’ but is the special loopback address, any computer can ping because its themself! But after they left, it started workng again… so I’m pretty definite it was the WAN connection.

I finished summarising ICC about time really, so reading through it now. My lappie got delivered yesterday, so it won’t be here for another 17 days. Which is good because i have exams and other stuff…….. I should go no and get back to these notes I’m writing, and ICC.