I was intending going for a run around 8-ish this morning however when I woke up it was raining. An again in the afternoon around 3.30-ish it was raining again. Oh well… it better not rain tomorrow.

So first today I finished of the Flash notes then I mucked around a bit web designing (don’t do that as much npw, because it ain’t as interesting as other stuff). Then I installed mySQL, php and phpMyAdmin on my computer. After which I spent most of the afternoon creating some sort of Content Manager thing. I don’t even know if that is the right word to use. Basically I plan on having all these php pages which connect to a mySQL database. Anyways these php pages will keep track of all the stuff I have to do etc etc and allow me to add to the list and everything. The pages don’t look anything swish because I’m more interested in writing the code to interact with the database 🙂 So yeah I’ve pretty much been plaing round with php and mySQL. php is pretty good I guess, alot like ASP really but it has a few quirks which I don’t like – probably because I’ve looked at ASP alot more than php.

Yeah this is a geek post… you probably already figured it out… hahaha. But its so weird these days what I do with computing is different. It’s still fun and I love it, but its different from when I was back in Year 9 and 10. Then it was probably just an interest/hobbie, whereas now it is a significant part of my life. What would I be doing if I wasn’t working/studying with/about computers. Probably a mad scientist! Science is pretty cool… just never delved as deeply into that area. Bioinformatics sounds cool and nanotechnology, not because of the words, but rather the possibilities that they may provide.

Ahh yeah enough about me, I should go wash my ice cream bowl up then go to sleep. It better not rain tomorrow so that I can go for a run in the morning, then get back and have a shower in time to go out to the city. Laters…