RSI, RSI, RSI!!! I think I’m getting that in my shoulders. They get sore after a while whether at the computer of carrying a bag or something. Tonight I’m going to the movies, seeing the new Charlies Angels movie. And next week I’m going to the movies again (if everything turns out as planned), with 2 of my good friends… so that’ll be cool.

On Wednesday I went to the city with Sal. That was cool/good even though it was freezing cold and raining and I had wet socks…. hehe but yeah it was good. Then yesterday it was Thursday which is work day. It was pretty okay (that is my word for everything…lol). Though at lunch I found it surreal in a way. ‘Cos these 2 teachers, one who was my former teacher cooked rice and chicken for lunch. Anyways so yeah there I am in a staffroom sitting at a table eating rice and chicken with my hands and a fork when the same time last year I was in the hall sitting my Trial HSC exams. Yeah it was kind of funny, strange, surreal all at the same time. At the same time it was also another kind reminder of how time flies. I’m halfway through my first year of uni already!!! Sooner than I know it I will be on industrial training, then finished uni and out in the real world :-S

Oh I think one half (or portion/sector) of things which annoy my brain is really that whole Hamlet theme of existentialism and the human condition. Trying to find your own place/position and purpose in this world/ Growing and finding out who you are and just learning new things everyday. I’ll find all of those one day… maybe. I guess that’s the journey of life. Sometimes I feel really happy like as if there is no care in the world and I could live happily ever after. That was Wednesday on the bus going into the city in the pouring rain. I don’t know why but I felt immensly content/happy on that trip. I swear I even looked out the window at the rain whilst listening to music smiling contently to myself. And other times my mind switches to a mode where i just want to be alone in a dark room with a blanket.

Anyway thats enough for today, I need to go do some stuff now, go to the post office etc.