In the past few days I’ve had a cold, but I think its getting better now ‘cos I can breathe properly now and my throat isn’t sore. But I still talk kind of funny and my nose runs. Other than that, today I went to the city with my brother to buy him a birthday present. Originally I was going to only spend $30, but after seeing how in debt he was (or rather broke) I decided to spend $40. Then we went down to the Food Court under Grace Bros and had some lunch, then we came back home.

Ooh I seen the times for next semesters classes on the net. I hope I manage to choose tutes and labs so that I only ever have to wait like a hour or so. Don’t particularly want to wait from like say 10am to 3pm doing nothing. But at least I start in the morning on all days, as it means my day will be more productive.

Other than that I don’t think I’m going to go out much these next two weeks. I want to do some reading and summarising of networking before I go back so I will be ahead by a week or two, as reading each chapter takes a fairly long time for me (as I like to read it till I understand it properly). And I also wish to be more organised and productive this semester.

Blah blah blah……. etc etc…