I’m back! – after a two month + hiatus. Well I actually was developing another ‘business’ site to go here, but I kind of acidentally deleted it. Anyway this is what this space will be now, plain an simple. Don’t really have time to work on this much now anyway.

Anyways since my last post all that time ago, I’ve been on mid semster break, got my exam results, and now I am on holidays again – for one week only – and I have plan to do lots of work and study. Exam results were alot better than I expected, so I guess you could say I was pretty pleased. Two distinctions and two high distinctions.

Oh, it was my birthday on the weekend. Didn’t really do much, I guess birthdays kind of diminish as you get older? They just seem like another day in your life really. But thanks to all the people who send me cards/emails/sms’s/etc.