Woot… well after that ice cream, my brain decided to get working and I finally got it… and now its swish complete with mnemonics!

Just before, I was checking my blog archive out. Since then I think maybe I’ve changed a bit. I’m still quiet, introverted but maybe more mature? Quiet in situtations which I haven’t maybe felt ‘safe’ – if that’s the word. Had some convo the other day about talking or something along the lines… just replied with a ‘but I just don’t talk much’. These days much of what bothered me still has prescence but I’ve somewhat come to either accept or ignore them. I haven’t worked it out yet. This year has gone in a whirlwind, and in the process of chaos I think I’ve realised things. For one, I’ve worked out who my friends are – the ones I’ll keep in touch with as the years go on. And ironically enough (much as I expected), uni isn’t really no better than high school. The only aspect in which it is, is that I’m studying a course which I like and enjoy. Stopping my late night rambling right about now to go make a cup of tea and ponder over the rest of my week.

Oh did I say I’m going to Livid? Will be mad to see The Living End, Less Than Jake, Goldfinger, Me First and The Gimme Gimmes, Hellacopters and Boy Sets Fire. And they better not clash.. especially The Living End with Less Than Jake and Goldfinger >.