Hmm well today I spent the morning reading Networking 2 notes, then my aunt came round with her comp, so I could format/fix it up, so been doing that since 10 something-ish. This week has almost gone… and I’m glad to say its one of the rare times in the last year(s) or so where I haven’t begun feeling like shit. Maybe ‘cos its only one week eh? Next week will be a good week… I think. Sal’s coming down (if I’ve worked it out right???), and Thursday night will catch up with some ppls at MQ uni.

Do you ever get emails, and you don’t know if you should reply or not? Because their not like emails which ‘ask/need’ a reply, but it may be ettiquite to do so? Just a passng though. Oh… listening to Pennywise’s cover of Stand By Me….. Why won’t you f$#^&*g stand by me