Wow I always seem to write on Fridays. Must be ‘cos its the end of the week and I feel relieved or something. Anyways this afternoon I swear I spent a good few hours trying to get 2 lappies to damn connect to the net. At first it was driving me nuts, and I was wondering if I was going crazy or something and missing something really obvious. But then later Comp. Coord and me tried everything again to no avail. Much so that I didnt get to get all the photocopy totals down.

Then after I got home I practiced parallel parking with cars for the first time… and I got in =). Then went over to Homebush to eat and I had to parallel park between two cars!

Anyways on hols now for one week. But gotta do DCA assignment, and on Monday have a networking practical. Well have to go in on Monday ‘cos the following Monday is a public holiday. So really, we got jipped one day’s break.