Well Livid was on yesterday and The Living End sure did ROCK ON!!! They were heaps mad/brilliant and they sound just as good live. One of the few bands I’d actually say that sound the same on CD. When they do their tour late Dec or maybe early Jan I’m definatley going to see them again. They can play their instruments damn good too, with Scotty doing his trademark playing whilst standing on his double bass, and man Chris must have magic fingers or something ‘cos he sure as hell can work that guitar! And the new drummer Andy was ace too… They played all their ace songs Prisoner of Society, Save the Day, All Torn Down, West End Riot, Second Solution, Roll On, Pictures In The Mirror, Who’s Gonna Save Us and more (there all I can remember for the time being). Bought a TLE shirt as well…. its black with the album art for Modern ARTillery on it. Gonna buy that album tomorrow =) Woot!

Other than that today been procrastinating over uni work that needs to be done… anyway better get some work in before I go to sleep. Laters