I’ve been listening to Millencolin for most of the day. Listening to the Pennybridge Pioneers album… I forgot I had it… It is good. Reminds me of good times.

As for uni, I was getting stressed (rather overloaded) with assignments towards the end of the week (partly ‘cos I’m doing an optional assignment), but I think all is okay now, as I’ve had a major breakthrough with one of them and the other is fixing up bits of code.

Anyways yesterday was Friday so it was head of to school for work day. Was pretty cool, spent a good part of the day drilling through tables and unpacking/setting up computers. Finished work later than I expected but was cool nonetheless. Funny thing now I reckon is I have meaningful conversations with people at work, which is kinda interesting in a way, as its something i guess I don’t mind, but its not something I really do much with people of my own age group… (the whole different perspectives/aims/goals in life thing/situation).

Anyways am going to Big Day Out this year with Sal, so will be mad. And now me better get back to DCA. Damn having to work out whether a date is valid or not… to many factors!