I just spent some time briefly looking through my Programming folder on my hard drive. It mesmerises me with a nostlagic feeling. The surreal thing is that as I skim through the code I really can’t believe that I wrote it all myself. It makes me wonder if since starting uni I’ve become ‘dumber’ in a sense. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve learnt all this new stuff at uni, but in high school I had somewhat freedom in exploring computers and technology in a much deeper sense than at uni. And that was probably partly because I had some damn brilliant/good teachers. So speaking of which yesterday I thought about maybe this summer trying to write/create some semi sized project for fun. Thinking of basing it upon what did at the CCSS in ’02. Except this time I’m going to have a backend database storing all the stuff, so that the database can be queried. And it’ll all be in java/jsp. Will be interesting if I ever get it off the ground.