Why can’t people fucken spell properly, write grammatical senses and read the damn assignment outline??? A presentation isn’t exactly a word for word rehash of a written report!!! Yes that expresses my shock surprise. Hell with it I say. Except that I like ICS, and feel it will be useful for my future. Not too many see it in that light, but it does provide alot of food for though. Plus if I ever do decide to go down the teaching path, it will definatley be more than useful. Plus the stuff about people being scared to break beyond their boundaries/comfort zones is something I semi understand. Maybe not in a complete 100% light, but I know what they mean by that. And yes I’m trying slowly to break out of my zone. Hell I even managed to hold a convo on the DET Helpdesk line regarding some worl (school) related stuff. I guess that’s one major step in my life… well not major but yeah you know what I mean. And now I better get back to editing this report and powerpoint…. fark… grr